Global Campus

Babel or Pentecost?


Between multicultural worship, multilingual Scripture engagement, multiple exhibitors and hearing 4 world-class plenaries speakers (each of a different nationality), there is a boatload of inspiration to be had! Your passion for God and the nations will be re-lit!


Taken in by the compelling story of God’s glory—from the great Garden in the past to the great City ahead—and the amazing international education panorama on the continent you will find your role in HIStory and discover a new purpose for living!


With 6 super-seminars, 3 Ted-like talks and over 40 workshops to choose from, you will be equipped with latest knowledge and hands-on skill to begin to or better engage international students of all stripes. The networking with 200-300 sold out volunteers, workers and leaders alone is to die for!


Global Campus Conference ’19 registrants are being offered a special price for this course of ONLY $249.00 CAD which also includes an IDI assessment and a 20 minute personal debrief. For more information click here.

PURPOSE | The BIG Question

As God re-gathers the nations on our campuses, and international education and global youth culture re-draw the borders of nationality and identity, what is God’s vision and what is our role?


GLOBAL CAMPUS Conference 2019 will seek to examine the challenges and opportunities of the accelerating multinational composition of campuses and how to display the unity and diversity of Christ through the collaboration of historic and diaspora churches with campus ministries as an alternative to secular culture. It will equip with insight and skills to navigate intercultural differences, multicultural worship, multilingual Scripture, and other tools for engagement and contribution to the health and potential of the Global Campus and reach Global Students.


GLOBAL CAMPUS Conference 2019 will have one day, the final Saturday, focused locally on those not already involved in ISM, with a special emphasis on bringing leaders of ethnic and historic churches together with campus ministries to see the potential and explore collaboration. It will seek to promote ISMs strategic role in global mission and the future of the church, and practically seek to invite ethnic church leaders and those involved in non-ISM ministry and those with adjacent ministries, like apologetics and workplace discipleship, to participate and shape a comprehensive city-centered strategy for reaching local campuses through collaboration. Day Rate will apply. 

A vision for EVERY INTERNATIONAL will be cast on that last day and resources shared; a vision of EVERY international student in North America having the opportunity to be befriended by a Christ follower who then become a catalyst for a church for every people, Christ-like leaders for every church and kingdom impact in every sphere of society!


Building Kingdom Culture between ethnic and historic churches, and amongst churches and campus ministries to together do global mission through reaching international students on Global Campuses.


Acts 17:26-27: From one human GOD created all the nations throughout the whole earth. He decided beforehand when they should rise and fall, and He determined their boundaries. His purpose was for the nations to seek after Him and perhaps feel their way toward Him and find Him— though He is not far from any one of us. [NLT] 

GLOBAL CAMPUS 2019 will address the journey from Genesis 11 to Revelation 7 – through Acts 2 and 17.

Re-Gathering Nations

The forces of globalization and the pursuit global education have convened the nations at our colleges and universities—the global campus—with some hosting as many as 160 geopolitical states! No doubt this multinational phenomenon, particularly accelerated in the last two decades, has brought about both challenges and opportunities on campuses and to city, church and country. Throughout redemptive history we learn that the gathering of nations is either for good or ill, towards God’s Kingdom purposes or against it. What shall this re-gathering be?

Re-drawing Identity

Born in the Arabian Peninsula to Chinese and Indian expats, having had American graduate education and now a Canadian citizen married to a Korean-Jamaican and residing in a Muslim-dense city in Europe, who am I? The global village and global campus have produced ‘citizens of the world’ who belong everywhere yet nowhere. Is it a cop-out of wrestling with who we really are on this side of eternity for Christ-followers to just claim, “my citizenship is in Heaven”? What kind of people are we; what kind of people ought we to be?

Re-forming Culture

While race relations and immigration issues continue to be the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ in nations that host foreign students how might the people of the Kingdom of God display the unity and diversity of Christ on the global campus through the collaboration of historic and diaspora churches with campus ministries as an alternative to secular culture? Hail a Kingdom culture that welcomes intercultural differences in love, revels in multilingual Scripture and passionately celebrates the Desire of all Nations in multicultural worship. By these things global students will know that the Kingdom of God is here—right here and right now on the global campus.